running shoes for high arches

Best running shoes for high arches

In this post we will be talking about high arches and why they are nothing to worry about thanks to our list of the best running shoes for high arches!

Having feet with high arches is a condition that, sadly, cannot be adjusted. You may have been born with it and now you have to live with it!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t run, having high arches is actually nothing to seriously worry about. Many of us runners may suffer from high arches but never even notice we have them! It can go unnoticed for many years, not causing us any pain or discomfort. But, unfortunately high arches can be an issue when you become a runner, you may experience some pain in the ankles and back pain.

running shoes for high arches

Back pain can be caused by having feet with high arches as they tend to lead to unstable running patterns, hence creating an uneven distribution of body weight whilst running. If you are experiencing this yourself, it can be a real heartbreaking pain to feel. You may have started to worry that you’ll never be able to run again, and all those dreams you had of completing a marathon start to crumble in your head. First of all, let’s not overreact!

We can’t just give up on our ambitions because of a high arches condition, yes we cannot change the condition but we can always find an alternative.

The Solution

According to research by professionals, it is said that if you find the right kind of running shoes specifically designed for people with high arches, the condition can be dealt with, and there won’t be any ankle or back pain any more. This is possible thanks to advancements in running shoe technology over the recent decades.

These specific running shoes need to be well supported and shock absorbing. This will help to spread the impact force that running exerts on your feet, reducing the pressure felt on specific areas of your feet. This will result in a much softer cushioned feeling on your feet whilst running. Keeping them protected and neutral at all times.

The downside is that it can be a very tough task finding these specific kind of running shoes as there are just so many of them out there! That’s where you can relax, as we’ve done the hard work for you! Here is our list of the 5 best running shoes for high arches, with the reasons why they’re so good and links to add them straight to your basket…

Brooks Glycerin 15

What makes running shoes specific for high arches is the ability to support the arches and keep your feet free from straining. The Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes are designed with this in mind. The shoe covers your foot up to the ankle. This is very important for providing enough support so that the ankles are well supported and are less likely to suffer an injury.

Brooks Glycerin 15 running shoes have a very soft, breathable lining which will help the feet to get the right level of air circulation which will reduce sweating, leading to less blisters and a more comfortable run.

A breathable shoe is vital for all runners to remain comfortable throughout the entire run. Furthermore, the shoes have a very well cushioned insole which is responsible for comfortability.

The sole of these shoes are very firm so that they can provide you with enough support. All these features are included in these shoes just to help the high arched feet to be comfortable. These shoes are available on amazon just in case you find trouble finding them.

Adidas Originals X PLR

Adidas are one of the most well-known brands in the sporting world, and there’s good reason for that. They’ve shown that they’re able to make consistently fantastic sporting goods.

The Adidas Originals X PLR running shoes are a new shoe to the market and are packed full of great features.

You will seriously feel the benefit of these if you’re suffering with high arches.

To start things off, they have great ventilation that will allow in plenty of air so that your feet won’t get sweaty mid-run. As described earlier on in the post, this is super important aspect of running shoes.

If your shoes aren’t breathable enough, your running will suffer as a result! The shoes have well designed cushions that are fitted within the shoe to help improve comfortability, allowing you to run for further.

The insole of these shoes are thick enough to absorb the pressure imposed on the feet by the body. The outer sole provides the required level of support for your feet on impact. Additionally, the shoes are very lightweight, which may help to increase speed on your runs. All of these superb features as well as offering fantastic levels of support for your high arches!

ASICS Gel-Venture 6

These shoes are the very best solution for anyone who suffers from ankle pain whilst running.

They have the very best cushion designs that ensure your feet and ankles remain comfortably supported and stable as you run, and with this kind of cushion you can be sure of no surprise pains from your ankles.

They also help to distribute the weight of the body equally over your feet, reducing pressure on the pain points. Which is a common issue for those with high arches. These shoes are very well ventilated hence they keep the air moving inside them, this helps the feet to breathe as a result there is no sweating. These shoes have a very light sole, this can be very helpful if you have high arched feet.

Saucony Cohesion 11

I wouldn’t blame you for having not heard of Saucony before, as they aren’t quite as a big of a name as other brands mentioned here, such as Adidas and Asics. But that does not mean you should rule them out!

The Saucony Cohesion 11 running shoes are the best when it comes to durability. These shoes have a sole that is made up of rubber which can be used for a very long time without wearing out. Furthermore, the shoes are very affordable.

Also, they are good in stability thanks to their wonderfully forgiving heel greed system. They have a perfect cushion fabric that is put in the interior of the shoe. This will allow you to run comfortably with your high arches at all times. These shoes are also designed to be very breathable, meaning that sweat doesn’t get trapped whilst running. This can lead to blistering, making your run unpleasant and painful, which is why I would highly recommend them.


We have recommended the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4s before on this website and there are many good reasons for that! They are made of rubber which makes them feel super light on your feet. This gives you an upper hand because they allow the ankle to remain supported at all times.

They are very breathable which allows air to flow freely, reducing sweating. They also have very well cushioned fabric in their interiors to enhance comfortability of the feet.

Finally, they are stylish and durable too.

If you are suffering with high arches, it is vital to know which shoes are right for you. Hopefully you’ve found this post useful and that you find the best running shoes for high arches for you!

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