Best running shoes for women

There are a massive variety of running shoes for women on the market. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing!

All this choice means that there are plenty of great options to choose from. From lightweight shoes designed for speed, to padded running shoes for comfort. There really is a perfect pair for you somewhere.

But all this choice means that it can be difficult to find the right pair for you!

We’ve got you covered, because no matter your skill level, our list below will have the pair for you.

Running can be great, fun sport to do.

It could also turn out to be a painful experience, this entirely depends on the shoes you are using. There are many different types of shoes that can endure all the different environments that you may be running in. It could be in a terrain doing your favorite trail, or it may be just on your treadmill in your house, or maybe you will be doing a few rounds on the roads every morning. Running in these places will require you to have specific shoes that will be able to take the pressure that running exerts on your feet and lower body.

Running shoes for women

When selecting the type of shoes you want to buy specifically for running, there are a lot of things you need to consider:

You’ll want running shoes that are lightweight and easy to run in, helping you feel more agile. This will reduce the stress placed on your feet and reduce the risk of injury.

You will want a pair of running shoes that won’t break the bank! Some pairs can cost many hundreds of dollars, this is unnecessary. Just because they are expensive, it doesn’t mean they are the best running shoes for you!

Another thing is comfort. When running, you may be covering great distances, and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable pair of shoes to do it in.

With all this in mind, here is our list for the best running shoes for women on the market;

Hoka One One Clifton 4

If you’re fan of lightweight, quality running shoes, then you can’t go wrong with this pair! The Clifton 4 running shoes are super lightweight, allowing you to run for greater distances without getting tired.

Hoka One One Clifton 4

The fabric used to make this shoe is incredibly breathable, which is one of the stand out features. This means less sweat build up in your shoes, providing you with greater levels of comfort.

They are extremely comfortable to wear because of their high levels of padding throughout the shoe.

You can pick up a pair from Amazon starting at around $100.

Asics Gel Venture 6

If you will be running on some rough roads, then these are the shoes you need to grab. The outer sole of these shoes are made in a way that they can deal with such environments; you can run around on some uneven surfaces and you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself in the process.

Asics Gel Venture 6

The soles have a super fine grip because of the high quality rubber used in the sole.

The rear of the shoes is fitted with cushioning which will absorb any kind of shock. This will keep your feet well protected at all times. The final thing you need to know is that these shoes are very pocket friendly because they come with a price ranging from $40 on Amazon!

Hoka One One Bondi 5

These running shoes are best designed for artificial running surfaces, however their grip can still allow you to use them for trail running.

Hoka Bondi 5

They are well cushioned to make your feet comfortable when running even if you are suffering from joint pains, they can still absorb the weight imposed on them, allowing you to run without the risk of picking up any more injuries.

These shoes have a very good breathing ability and are well cushioned, allowing your feet to be extra comfortable wherever you decide to run!

With prices ranging from around $140 on Amazon, they are on the pricier side. But they still offer users great value for money!

Brooks Launch 6

These shoes are specifically designed for road running. They are really light and comfortable, making them a great choice for those looking to compete in longer distance road races.

Brooks Launch 6

They are perfectly cushioned to offer great levels of comfort and they are breathable too, eliminating any fears you may have over excess sweat causing blisters.

These running shoes are well worth considering if you are after a good pair of lightweight running shoes.


There really are many fantastic pairs of running shoes for women out there today. Finding them can be a real struggle, but we hope that this list has helped!

All the pairs of running shoes listed above are a fantastic choice, offering superior levels of comfort, protection and breathability whilst being lightweight and supportive at the same time.

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